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Gum Grafting in Charlotte, NC
Gum Grafting in Charlotte, NCA bright smile and pink, healthy gums seem to symbolize youth and overall health. Receding gums, however, are a not only a symptom of periodontal disease, but also play a role in advancing it. Receding gums lose the ability to act as a barrier in the way that healthy gums would, against the bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease. For patients who suffer from receding gums and want to restore the appearance and function of healthy gums, Dr. Shannon Parsons of Charlotte, NC performs gum grafts. There are three methods of gum grafts to help you achieve healthy gums.

Connective-Tissue Grafts for Receding Gums in Charlotte, NC

Connective-tissue grafts are used when one or more teeth exhibit receding gums. Donor tissue is sewn to the area around the receding gums and over time, integrates with the healthy gum around it. To harvest the donor tissue, Dr. Parsons cuts a flap in the roof of the mouth, takes the tissue from underneath the flap, and then sews the flap down when finished.

Free Gingival Gum Grafts for Receding Gums in Charlotte, NC

Free gingival gum grafts are used when a patient’s gums are thin. In this method, Dr. Parsons takes the donor tissue directly from the roof of the mouth without cutting a flap. The tissue is then sewn to the site of the receding gums.

Pedicle Gum Grafts for Receding Gums in Charlotte, NC

Pedicle grafts are used when patients have plenty of gum tissue with which to work. In this case, donor tissue does not have to be taken from another site in the mouth. Dr. Parsons cuts a flap in the healthy gums surrounding the site of the exposed tooth and stretches the flap in the healthy gums over the tooth root area, sewing it into place.

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