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Single Missing Tooth in Charlotte, NC
Single Missing Tooth in Charlotte, NCDental implants are the preferred choice for the replacement of a single missing tooth, but there are other options available. Patients can also opt for a removable or a fixed partial denture. Charlotte, NC periodontist Dr. Shannon Parsons will help you select the option that best suits your needs.

Single Dental Implant by a Charlotte, NC Periodontist

Single dental implants are most recommended for single tooth replacement, because the implant can take the place of your missing tooth without requiring alteration of your natural teeth. There are no appliances to wear and no special considerations for maintenance. Once our Charlotte, NC periodontist completes the dental implant process, it becomes much like any other tooth.

A Removable Partial Denture by Charlotte, NC Periodontist

A removable partial denture consists of a plastic base, similar in color to gum tissue, which holds an artificial tooth. This prosthetic is attached to your gums with metal clips. However, it should be noted that the metal is visible. Partial dentures are offered as a replacement option by our Charlotte, NC periodontist.

A Fixed Partial Denture by a Charlotte, NC Periodontist

A fixed partial denture, also referred to as a three unit bridge, provides a more stable solution than the removable version. A fixed partial denture is comprised of three crowns, linked in a row. The two crowns at either end function as anchors for the denture while the center crown is suspended above the gum line. Our Charlotte, NC periodontist will reshape the teeth on either side of your missing tooth to accommodate the crowns that anchor the denture. The fixed denture is a permanent solution that affords you much more stability than a removable denture, but unfortunately, requires the alteration of your healthy teeth.

Charlotte, NC periodontist Dr. Parsons recommends a single dental implant over a partial denture to replace a single missing tooth, in the majority of cases. Dental implants are generally the best option to replace multiple missing teeth as well.

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